Guide to Choose a Good Quality Oil Drain Pan for Car Maintenance

Your car needs a lot of maintenance tasks which may exceed your budget, but there are certain tasks for which a good DIY is sufficient enough. Replacing the engine oil is one of these tasks. Not only does it save some precious money, it also reduces the hassle of going to the mechanic’s garage every three months. You can do this by owning an oil drip pan and comfortably changing the oil at home. With an oil drip pan, one can easily collect the oil and store the oil for recycling at one chosen spot. Moreover, there are many types and styles of oil drain pans to choose from. There are many factors and parameters to divide on while selecting an oil drain pan for replacing the oil.

Why You Need Oil Change?

It is suggested by all the car experts to routinely change the vehicle oil. Over the time, the oil in the engine is prone to accumulate dirt, dust and debris from the vehicle’s engine and the environment causing the oil to break down. This has an impact on the engine’s lubricated parts which might get damaged if the oil does not do it’s work efficiently. So, it is necessary to change the oil and filter it out. It is important for the automobile’s well-being to replace the oil for several reasons such as maintaining the engine’s lubrication intact, removing the grime, sludge that might cause wear of the engine’s moving parts and pistons, for cooling the engine’s components, for improving the mileage of the gas all for the single purpose of maintaining the car and making the car last longer. Also, when the car is maintained carefully and regularly, its resale value also fetches good money. So, it is suggested to go for oil changing and filtering every few months. However, if you are one of those who drive erratically, or if the engine of your car is an old one or if you often drive on off-road, then you might need an oil change more frequently. And to ease the purpose of this oil change, an oil drip pan is the best tool.

Points to Note before Buying Your Oil Drain Pan

Purchasing an oil drain pan can be one expensive buy; however, it is worth the investment since it offers many advantages.

Following is the list of all the factors that will guide you to buy a good oil drain pan:

  1. Size – Size is an essential factor when it comes to choosing an oil drain pan. The pan should be big enough to accommodate the amount of oil that flows while changing the oil from the engine. For this, you need to read the manufacturer’s manual to know the exact volume of oil that the engine of your vehicle can hold. This helps in selecting an oil drip pan that will be large enough in size for storing the oil if your vehicle. Another important parameter to consider here is the height of the pan. The pan’s height should be such that it fits properly under your vehicle. Most of the lower profile vehicles need a flatter and a low profile oil drain pan.
  2. Durability and Sturdiness – A sturdy oil drain pan will have good durability. It is requisite that the pan should sustain for a long period of time. Low-quality oil pans are probably not the ones to survive the harsh conditions. So, choosing an oil drain pan that has high build-quality with the high-density material is a must.
  3. The Opening of the Pan – This is another major facet to be considered. The opening of the pan needs to be large as it will mean less dripping and mess when aiming to flow the oil into the pan. Also, there are certain other aspects you should probably look for, which includes wheels for facilitating the easy movement and seals, caps and handles that aid while doing the oil changing process.
  4. Other features – You should also take into consideration other features that might help you during the entire application. These features can be something such as the leak-proof property that will not allow any leakage and spill of the oil. This would be particularly beneficial when doing the clean-up after the application. Otherwise, cleaning the oil mess can be a tedious task. So, opt for such features to get the best oil drain pan.
  5. User Reviews – There are numerous companies that sell out the oil drip pans with different features and properties. It is confusing to choosing amongst such variety of the same product. The user reviews, the best source of information for a product, help here immensely giving the first-hand experience of the product. These reviews are from actual and genuine buyers. They let us know of the details of the product and whether they stand true to the features listed out by the manufacturer. Ratings by the users are honest opinions of the product and they throw light on how the product quality is and whether it will be a valuable purchase. These reviews and ratings also help when comparing different oil drip pan.
  6. Price – Oil drain pans, just like other products, are priced under different price categories and range depending upon the quality and the features. It is important to consider and review the features, the quality, the pros and the cons of the product to decide upon the price you are paying for. It is also to be noted that not all high-priced products come with the best of quality. So, fix on the product based on the features and the user reviews and ratings and make the price you are paying for the oil drip pan worth all the money.

These points will help you assess the various facets of purchasing an oil drain pan.

So, find your yourself an excellent quality and high on features oil drip pan and go for an engine oil change that will ensure that you do not have to go for any major repair work and that your car lasts as long as possible.